90% Of Women Have No Idea That This "Metabolic Override Method" Exists... 
To see if this could work, complete the quick quiz below:
Do you or anyone you know work in the Diet or Weight Loss industry?
Not sure
It all started with this weird little quiz...
I couldn't believe what I was seeing... But it made so much sense.
After all, I knew that something had to be the cause of this unwanted weight gain all these years.
You see, being slim and petite has never come to me naturally, not ever.
I was never "that girl" in high school that the other girls looked at in awe.
No... quite the opposite.
So when I took this quiz, I didn't know what to expect at all.
The answer shocked me!
I mean... first of all, I didn't even know what ICE meant... especially regarding my hormones.
So I certainly never knew my "I.C.E. hormone-type" could have been the very thing causing me all of my weight-related problems!
Suddenly, it all made sense.
I'm not normally the kind of person who does online quizzes or questionnaires...
But it turns out, this one was kind of a turning point for me and my body...
Yep... it all started with this quiz.
A quiz that, even just through its questions, was already beginning to open my mind up to the culprit who had been a pain in my backside for years!
Most of these things are a waste of time... but I guess you could say I found a diamond in the rough :D
The personalized video results page explained everything in detail and I had more than one "ah huh" moment, that's for sure.
Now it's your turn.
BUT, the thing is, it won't work for everybody.
In fact, it's probably a waste of time for women under 25.
But for the rest of us who are due for a little helping hand... I recommend you scroll up now and answer the 4 question quiz. 
PLEASE NOTE: If you click away from this page your quiz data will be lost.

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